Temporary free music download available

The following tracks are available for free music download in mp3 format until I get things to set up for a server that other artists can make use of as well. Eventual pricing: 10c-$10 per track. Pay what you want. Once first track is purchased, further tracks will be sent free of charge to anyone sending more than 50 words constructive (positive or negative) feedback on the music they have already purchased.

Please (eventually) click on these ads and spend money if these products are useful for you. This will pay for bandwidth and web development. Works in progress or less polished works are available for free download.

Date. Track name (download or listen). Description.

Aug 2013. Nice (mp3).   Two themes that I initially worked on to develop different picking techniques. I decided to blend them together because it fits. This is the second track where percussion is filled with a percussive guitar track. 1 rhythm guitar, 1 percussion guitar, a doubled over lead (some parts are different) and bass. No effects. This would be better with plenty of singing where there is melody, but I do not have words for this song.

Aug 2013. Melody Meets Rhythm (mp3). To some, the main melody will sound like a mash of two well-known classical themes. I introduce part of another theme that I have been working on for the purpose of illustrating auditory illusion which seems to work better on acoustic guitar than on electric. This is the first song I recorded using guitar specifically as a replacement for percussion. A slow, jammy intro leads into some familiar sounds.

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