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Review 1 title The Bandiejays newest release. Best, afternoon, ever.
Review 2 title The Reviewdiejays snootie comments in Smagazine. Some things just cannot remain unsaid.
Review 3 title The Bluediejays old merch products (no longer for sale). Too bad they managed to run afoul of both Adidas and Nike in so few squiggles. Great stuff! Amoebas, just do it!
Review 4 title The Boodiejays release party. Oh man, and believe me that's not all they released!
Review 5 title The Bundiejays recent SW tour. The tour is not dead! Frank's pet squid got tangled up somewhere along the way and never made it back.

The reviewers

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Review 1 photo Building contractor Soul
Reviewer 2 photo Accountant Spirit
Reviewer 3 photo Line cook Love
Review 1 photo Lawyer Whatever you need it to be
Review 5 photo Musician A means of expression
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